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Responsible Environment Initiative

The Responsible Environment Initiative is the culmination of environmental sustainability and chemical management expertise and tools within RBA, organized to better engage supply chains and advance the practices of the industry.

The world faces unprecedented environmental challenges that threaten not only the way industries conduct business, but the lives of billions of people. As global citizens, and with commitment to the RBA Code of Conduct, it’s the imperative of our industries to participate in the active stewardship of the environment; reduction in resource consumption and pollution; and an advancement toward more sustainable products and processes.

The Responsible Environment Initiative (REI) is the culmination of a decade of the RBA’s progress on leading environmental issues with our members. It identifies the largest challenges facing industry and the rest of the world, and brings together ideas and resources so that change can be realized throughout supply chains.

Through the power of collaboration within the RBA, the REI enables members to identify areas of highest risk based on efficiently collected data, and the most up to date analysis and statistics from practitioners and leaders around the world. Armed with informed decision making, the REI further provides guidance on the establishment of robust management systems that emphasize essential elements but encourage constant growth and maturity over time. The REI also provides tools and expertise so that problems can be directly addressed, and targets can be realized.

Finally, the REI engages stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to convene around the greatest challenges affecting our planet and communities, in order to find solutions that can be propagated and affect impactful change. The RBA leads the collective ambition of industry, but partners with like-minded organizations that are equally committed to advancing the practices of corporate environmental responsibility.

The REI Mission

Members have visibility into their value chains, understand material environmental impacts at each tier and are enabled to address these impacts individually and collectively.

REI Primary Focus Areas and Material Topics

The REI focuses its efforts on topics material to the industry where the RBA can add value through collaboration, capacity building, and advocacy. Learn more about each of the topics below:

The REI currently includes all RBA members and doesn’t have a means for independent membership.

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